One thing I learned from visiting third world countries. I should not have an excuse for why I didn't do Xyz.
Leaning on excuses, only give the goals you set for yourself more time on the waiting list. What you decide to do with your 24hrs is on you.
Start holding yourself accountable. I used to care about what my close family and friends would tell me. I slowly realized that we're not on the same page (creatively).
I wake up every day with blessings and opportunities. I'm determine to give my all every day, I won't stop growing.
Stop putting your goals on the back burner. Let me give you a taste of what excuses look like.
I have to work in the Am (Excuse)
After this one show (Excuse)
Later on tonight (Excuse)
I'm Tired (Excuse)
If I had extra help (Excuse)
Damn, I need money for it (Excuse)
We live in the Information Age.
Resources surround us.
Free learning tutorials.
I mean the possibilities endless.
I'm not sure what your vice, but get your shit together and crush it for 2017.
I believe in you. 😉

Church JohnsonComment