Stop With The Excuses

Stop with all the excuses.
You're only lying to yourself.
You only prolonging your growth.
Don't you want to feel amazing?
Don't you want to live better?
I have to ask because your actions isn't clear to me.
Stop having your hand out all the time.
Stop living off of others.
Start having your hands up reaching for your own goals.
People think it's impossible for God to talk through certain people.
Remember God talked through an ass(donkey)before.
That's like going to the gym to get fit.
The ones with the big muscles aren't the ones respected.
It's the ones that are cut up with the muscles showing definition.
That's how people know you took time to focus and buckle down or what you needed.

Everyone have the option to be somebody.
The key is how much work are you willing to put in, to show your character definition.

Be great and humble
Lazy and dependent.

Church JohnsonComment