Rest n' Peace Fear

She came into his life with requirements.

The type of requirements that shook up his world. She planted her love in holy soil. She made him become greater than he expected.

Her soul left earth every night just to talk to God, just to get an idea of what type of love she should seek. He walked into their bedroom every night to see her in his favorite position, on her knees praying to God. He's convinced God is a painter. Every morning he tells her how blessed he is to have her. She confirms his affirmation with a kiss on the lips. The morning scent is filled with the smell of dying love roses that climax at midnight. She embraces the whole atmosphere. She realizes only a broken Queen can become a Phoenix beyond the ashes of broken love when kissed on the neck by God. Embrace your queen. Embrace every part she gives to you to cherish.  His morning prayer consists of paying respect to the dead. "Rest in peace fear"