I'm Ready To Go

Let's talk about that fear for a moment. The uninviting emotion that would put the brakes on any progress you're trying to make in life. Why fear? (You may ask) because fear is something you shouldn't be afraid of. Look at it as a challenge to do what it's telling you  not to do. When it comes to productivity make sure you fight back against this curable disease we call "fear". You ever feel like you are ready to go be great, but your life is not on the same schedule as your train of thought? Push through the hesitation and make it clear to yourself every day. Start setting up and accomplishing little goals for the big win at the end of the road. Start being curious and stop being stopped by the unknown.

You have to start using fear as a stepping stood into your truth path in life.
— Church Johsnon

Greatness is always met with some type of doubt. Fear of being productive isn't just it. It's the fear of being productive and not knowing where it may or may not lead you. Being busy is not equal to being productive. I know what fear is like. One of my experiences of facing fear right in the face was at a time when I had pressed that publish button for my first book to hit the world. I took forever, but then I realize it was because I was afraid of what people would say about my book. I had to overcome that fear with knowing that the world is filled with good conscience people and bad people. I'm not calling anyone bad because they may have not liked my product, I'm saying bad for the ones who don't care to invest the time to read or see your work but already have something to say. You know the people that call an album "classic" and it's only been out for two days. (LOL) It's time to wake up and market your fear to work for you not against you. Now every time I feel that fear feeling coming over me. I know that I'm doing something right. Let's start green lighting these projects. 

Church JohnsonComment