Every Day

Every day I fight fear.
Every day I fight love.
Every day I fight lust.
Every day I fight trust.
Every day I fight you.
Every day I fight me.
Every day I fight ideas.
Every day I fight the vision.
Every day I wake up with mental boxing gloves on. I don't desire to live my life the way you think I should live my life.. I'm taking charge of my own life! I refuse for you to write my narrative for me. I won't throw in the towel because you told me too. I won't shut up because you desire me to. I won't stop grinding because you can't visualize what I'm doing or where I'm going.
This kills me, when people ask you to give them details of where you going or what you doing. It's so funny to me. Because nine times out of ten they're sitting at home or asking you this via social media and they're doing nothing with their talents God had granted them. I refuse to be questioned by people who do nothing with their talents. If somebody doesn't believe in you or things you say, they don't understand your lane. Once you have that set in your mind. Keep pushing, they can Not stop your shine. These are the small things we fight against on the daily. Nonbelievers. Don't have that disease get in contact with you (contagious).
In the words of one of the greatest rappers "don't have them take you out your element"
-Kendrick Lamar
Wake up and start counter attacking these negative things you oppose on the daily.
Start by affirming your goals and your itinerary. Start holding yourself higher than these negative opinions. Wouldn't it be nice one day to wake up and not have to struggle? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Until then I see you tomorrow in the mental gym preparing for your next great fight.

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