I Really Dislike You

I'm not afraid of you anymore.

Yes, you, I'm talking to you!

These are the words I shouted while I look into the air.

No, I'm not totally crazy. I’m sane and happy to be alive.

I’m speaking to my inner fears.

The same inner fears that try and whisper in my ear every time I arrive ready to publish one of my pieces of writing.

I will no longer let you try and get control over my life.

I decided to make myself ready for this upcoming show at F.A.R.A

I was asked to do one of my spoken word pieces at this event.

Nervous as all hell to say yes when approached about performing.

I decided to ask my good friend can I call her back with an answer.

This is when all the shouting out loud took place (lol).

I just needed to say it out loud.

It is about time I did something for me.

It boosts my spirit and made me see that I am in control.

The louder I shouted the bigger I became, and my fears got smaller and smaller and smaller.

I didn't think it would work.



I decided to share this story with all of you.

I'm here to tell you this.

It’s time to get back your identity.

You hear good and bad people in your ear.

Take heed to the small wandering voice in your head telling you “You got this”.

That voice comes from a portion of your brain that you did not tap into yet.

Fear only exists because we allow it.

If we continue feeding it, there’s no telling when it will leave.

Cut off the food supply and feed your strengths with affirmations.

Movements that will keep you active longer than that cup of coffee or whatever you use to give you more energy.

I believe in all of you.

We got this one.

Goodbye fear.