Help Me (Beauty)


⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Help Me


She wish you luck in life.


She hopes for the best.

She loves to work and play hard.

She blames her insecurities on past failures.

She lost hope once when she forgot God's direct line.

She is surrounded by women who insist on guiding her life.

She covers her face daily with false hopes.

Every night she unmasks her temporary look.

She stares in the mirror and cries.

She begin to ask the question,  "Lord who Am I ?"

She would never get it no matter how many times we tell her she's beautiful.

Who am I really?


In this world we're always being sold dreams. Wearing make-up is fine. I only beg of you not to let your make-up habit define you. Don't ever allow any product define you.


At the conclusion of the day remember you're beautiful. Fear is something that is put on us to weigh us down. Something to slow us up from our mission. Counter Attack fear with "Beauty Affirmations". If your thoughts are beautiful, then you will feel beautiful.


While our personality is some total of our opinions, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, education and much more. Thus if our ideas are beautiful then we have a beautiful personality too. This is one of the greatest secrets of beauty.


Affirmations to tell yourself

  • I have a loving and welcoming smile.
  • My body is gift and I cherish it daily.
  • I have pure love for myself.
  • The universe is blessing me that enhance my beauty.
  • My skin is healthy and glowing.
  • I am beautiful and alive.
  • I am good, alive and active.
  • My hair is healthy and beautiful.
  • Each breath I take prolongs my vibrant life.
  • I love my inner child.
  • I have self respect and dignity.
  • I have style and grace.
  • I honor my body.
  • I care for my appearance.
  • I am wonderful.
  • My walk is elegant and graceful.
  • I have a sweet voice.
  • I am beautiful and have a pleasing personality.
  • I have a lovely smile and a beautiful face.
  • I see myself as beautiful
  • Every day I am transforming into a natural beauty
  • I enjoy being beautiful
  • People are always complimenting me and saying how beautiful I am
  • People look up to me as an example of beauty
  • I am worthy of seeing myself as beautiful
  • My hair shines with radiant health.