4 Tips to Get Your Life Back



During, my trip in Mexico City I discover a lot about myself. How important is my time and why I should do a better job managing it. We often forget how much stuff we do in a day. The things that run through our mind needs to be manage better. As a creator, I find myself having thousands of thoughts running through my head:

Did you finish that project?

Did you take any pictures for your blog?

Did you write today?

Did you eat today?

Damn, did I edit my podcast?

Make sure you meet with the editors.

This mini list above is just a glimpse of what goes through a creator mind.

However, you're in luck if you reading this. I have 4 healthy tips to help you get your life back. You might want to get your life back, because you have other projects you want to tackle. You may feel like you don't have any time left in your day (but you do). So let's jump right into it.

4 Tips to help you get your life back:

1. Mediate

(I can not stretch important this is to your day.

2. Tackle Hardest Task

Don't worry about the small wins right now,  get in the program of conquering that big project) I know you don't want to do it. (just do it)

3. Remove Negative People

I don't care if it's your mother. Keep your distant from them. Limit how much info you give them about things you know they wont understand. We find people in our life that become judge and jury without schooling to provide such knowledge to be one. Take time to think about who these people are and start cleaning house.

4. Keep Smiling

Surround yourself with people who motivate and make you smile. Stay clear of Yes Man People. We don't need them in our life. I'm talking about people who give you realistic feedback. People who can see and help your vision.