Chat N Chew

(finding your love voice through conversation)


Men and women often ask this question; Is getting married the best option or remaining single? At a time when people asked me such questions, I find it hard to give an answer. But one thing I have always discover is that people who encourage singles to remain single or married to get a divorce are those who have failed in terms of marriage. It is true marriage might be frustrating sometimes, but quitting has never been the best solution. What brings a threat of divorce between couples is misunderstanding, but what really breaks the marriage is an inability to understand their misunderstanding. Instead, for couples to understand themselves, bring a solution to their problems and find a way to get over their misunderstanding. Although, we tend to share our personal life with the rest of the world via the internet. We forget that the value of posting our personal relationship is a precious jewel. Some words we can’t take back. To avoid this problem, and help reduce the threat of divorce, a group of people set up an event to discuss to design, and evaluate anything under the sun. How to help couples to understand themselves. How to build a happy home?

The event creates a platform for men and women to give their thoughts and never get judged. This event was form and created by Danisha L. Baughan, started around October 2016 and ever since then a lot of lives has been impacted. Danisha L. Baughan, who mantra is ‘educate and advocate see the world through a different lens. This platform is launched to impact life and that is what its founder Danisha L. Baughan, has always aimed to do. Thanks to her for the passion she has for couples and singles. Chat N Chat is set up for men and women who are couples and same time for those who are still single. The event centers its discussion on everything about relationship and all social matters. These couples are given the chance to express their thought given reasons; why they could not maintain their relationship. As a participant, to the best of my knowledge, the event has really helped in changing the singles ideology of remaining single, bring back broken homes, encourage the happy family to keep it up. This event has really brought the experience of love to be organically true and really filling the voids that we need today. This event is open to all the depress, oppress, the happily married, and the energetic single ones. Join us this coming Sunday, March 18, 2018 3pm-7pm at Harlem Haberdashery 245 Lenox Ave.