Simple words told to him by his girlfriend

Simple words told to him by his girlfriend.

She wanted more than sex to hold her at night. She was super excited to hear about his day. Sometimes she wishes he had asked her about her day. She monitored her attention so he won't lack of love, because he needed all her attention. She avoids her cell phone usage around him. His nosey ways only may her distance her comfortablitly from him.

Above you just read a story of two lovers. One thinks the relationship is perfect the other wants out (right now).

How did she get here? She often wonders. Could it be the day he said "hello"? Or "could it be the first date when he told me a lot about himself?" However, she never read the signs, and now she walks the dead man plank with each day she gets closer and closer to her end.

Things she wanted instead of this like a healthy relationship. She wanted him to ask more about her day. She wanted him to stroke her hair while she lay on his lap. She wanted him to care more about them not just him. She wanted them to be equally yoked. She wanted him to know she understands love and it's not meant to be felt only on her back. She wanted happiness in the form of a friend/lover. A relationship that never tapped into its prideful self. Things like this is all she wanted.

Don't become this girl. Guys don't become that guy in this story. If you see your relationship falling towards this fate. Quickly adjust some things in your situation and reinvent yourself together. Relationship is a team work. If your future partner never played well with others WARNING!!! Don't expect them to play well with you. You have to be comfortable sharing, you have to be open to hear good criticism. You have to let go some parts of self and understand it's a team thing here. Teamwork/patience/ love/prayer/communication all major keys of lasting longer in a relationship.

Your partner should be mindful that you need time to yourself. Time to yourself for self-care. Time to regroup your sanity. THIS IS A MUST!!!