She Wants It All

Skit By: @Tonioskits


Do she really want it all?

These are questions guys really ask themselves when they are alone or with their boys.

Relationships can be a full time job.

You are suppose to be a counselor, bodyguard, and a chef.

You may ask yourself did I sign up for this?

In reality it could be worst you could join the army.

Relationship aren't bad.

It's the lack of creativity in the relationship that can make you bored.

No one is an expert on love.

Please don't fall prey to those people on TV talking about they know love.

No one knows love better than God.

So if you want to take advice, take it from God himself.

She made want to know and have it all, but can she handle it all?

If only we could test trial relationships.

If you not ready to open up don't let anyone inside.

So before you offer yourself away to someone, make sure you are ready.

Don't be afraid to tell that person you are not ready.

If they can't understand that, then they wont ever understand you.

Next time she ask for it all

ask her is she ready?