Comparison (The son of Possibilities)



We all suffer from a case of comparison.

In reality, what are we comparing?

Let's break it all down.

We are comparing their success to ours?


Are we comparing the work they put in to get the resolutions we desire?

Just think about it though……

When we compare ourselves to someone else, what we are actually doing is telling ourselves what we believe we could have if we put our creative juices to run.

In reality that’s exactly what we are doing.

We’re telling ourselves “Hey, that person does xyz really well we could do the same” and get the same results.

Life isn’t that simple right? Wrong; it is.

Most times we compare our life to someone else’s life because we feel like we could do the same thing, just as great.

Comparison can defeat you if you don’t do something about the issue when you are feeling that way.

Every time when you feel the comparison bug just shake that bug off and start to do what you feel you would do better or just as good.

Never allow that feeling to defeat you.

You can achieve what that man/woman achieve.

You just have to get up and start creating.

Remember, you can’t have someone else story you can only create your own.

So start creating and stop comparing. (Tweet This)