Made in America Pt.1 (1 of 2)

My life is precious.
My life is Gold.
I don't want to die.
Don't shoot me.
Because I died a thousand times.
I was shot at my wedding (Sean Bell)
I was beaten with spotlights shining on me. (Rodney King)
I was choked in-front of friends, but I had one of the most watched videos of my life on YouTube.
Could that cop be confused with what a hug really is?
Could that be the way I die?
One day I'm walking out my house the next minute I'm lifeless.
I'm unsure if I should buy this hoodie for that might be the reason why I might die tonight.
My sweet tooth caused me my life as well.(skittles)
Today I woke up in Ferguson and today I will die in Ferguson.
I was told I would be a king.
Lord, please let this death of mine be the revelation that changes the world.
Black boy fly
Heaven is always in reach, but would I be wrong if I don't want to go?
What if I see a guard waiting for me at the gate.
Would that guardian angel abuse their power or would I be left alone?
I just want to live today and die of natural causes.
I'm tired of letting other people decide my fate.
I was made in America.
Things made in America never get appreciated.
Mommy love me today for this could be the last time you see me.
Sister cry not for me.
Brothers hopefully in the spirit, we could be closer than how we are in real life.
Daddy you did your best.
God, I love you.

"Made In America" Pt.1

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