Lady N Black

When your smile doesn't matter no more. (Walk away)

When your cooking become nasty to me. (Walk away)

When I'm no longing having fun with you outside. (Walk away)

When my once love action, feels like a chore now. (Walk away)

When I no longer seek your voice to comfort my ears. (Walk away)

When I'm just agreeing with you to shut you up. (Walk away)

When we start to fight way too much. (Walk away)

When we don't understand each others love language anymore. (Walk away)

When our prayers don't work. (Walk away)

When we are mentally drained. (Walk away)

When our faith isn't keeping us together anymore. (walk away)

Let's do what God do to us when we don't follow his will.

(Walk away.....No that's not right, He works it out and He becomes patience with us)

Why are we walking away?

Why aren't we working it out?

Why aren't we having that same type of love that God has for us?

When all of the above don't work. (Work it out) and keep God in the mist because we don't have all the answers.

He do.

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