Born in the Bronx in the Winter of 1984, Church always saw things a little differently. It wasn't until his teenage years that he was able to express himself poetically through his work. Through his travels and interaction with different people in his life, Church has been able to not only draw on his life experiences, but the experiences of others to create thought-provoking and moving poetry.

He has also been able to draw inspiration from his love of all things beautiful and artistic and that includes MUSIC. There isn't a day that goes by that Church isn't moved by lyrics and sound. From Jay-Z to Coltrane; from Indie Rock to Gospel, you can find musical influence throughout his lyrical and smooth, jazz-like flow.

Church prides himself on not being stagnant and constantly finding ways to learn and grow and his need for education is apparent in his work. A lover of quotes you will find his poetry lends itself to some of your favorite quotes from scholars and artists such as Cornell West, Tavis Smiley or even Shakespeare! (Albert Einstein, Roger Babson) Coming from an ethnic background that includes Irish and the Caribbean you can see why Church's poetry takes on a worldly view. No subject is untouched or off-limits. Through his education, innate ability to communicate and free thinking Church writes his poetry to engage, educate and motivate his readers.

And let's not overlook the fact that his name is Church! You will find influences from the Bible in his writing. Growing up in the Church and his family's close relationship with God, Church's poetry is one of story-telling and inspiration. While he touches on the dark-side and the pitfalls of life, you can depend on his words to also display a tone of inspiration and hope and this is all due to his strong faith in God.

Church is also an aspiring actor and hopes to one day grace the big screen. As a writer/actor he hopes his artistic ability will reach beyond poetry and lend itself to fiction novels and screenplays.

The sky’s the limit for this poet and aspiring actor. With life and love serving as the backdrop for all his artistic expression, you are sure to take something away from what Church decides to create. Please join him on his journey as he begins to share his art with us.